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Jay Gohil is an author, researcher and experienced engineer in the field of Data Science, Software Development, Machine Learning, Web Development and Cloud Computing. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Executive (CSSE) with experience in Management, Finance and Elocution.

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Review Analytics Product Management Intern Jay Gohil


@Princeton University

ISRO Research Intern Jay Gohil


@Indian Space Research Org.

LT Partners Data Science Intern Jay Gohil

Data Science

@LT Partners

Google Developer Student Clubs Lead Jay Gohil

Mitacs Globalink Research Engineer

@Toronto Metropolitan Uni.

Shuffle AI Research Engineer Intern Jay Gohil

AI Research
Engineer Intern


InfoPercept Software Engineer Intern Jay Gohil

Software Engineer Intern


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Data Science Jay Gohil
Python Jay Gohil
Software Development Jay Gohil
Web Development Jay Gohil
UI UX Jay Gohil
Cloud Services Jay Gohil
Finance Jay Gohil
Management Jay Gohil
Public Speaker Jay Gohil


I am the author of book: Application of Big Data in Petroleum Streams, published by the Taylor and Francis Group (London).

I have authored 4 research papers, 1 conference paper and 2 book chapters in the field of Data Science, AI, ML, DL and Big Data.

I am a recipient of research scholarship from Ryerson University (Toronto) under Mitacs Globalink Research Internship program.

I have worked with communities that span across Google, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Intel, SAWO, deeplearning.ai, AngelHack and Binance.

I possess 10+ badges and 5+ LORs in the field of Data Science, AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Research and Python.

I have undertaken 8 virtual experiences from Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase and Goldmann Sachs among others.


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Machine Learning

- University of Washington -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

AI Product Manager

- Udacity -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

Deep Learning

- deeplearning.ai -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

IT Automation with Python

- Google -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

Amazon Web Services Fundamentals [Specialization]

- AWS -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity

- IBM -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

Finance for Strategic Decision Making

- University of Michigan -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

International Business Essentials

- University of London -

Jay Gohil Certificate Logo

Financial Technology (FinTech)

- University of Michigan -

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Deep Learning Image Comprehension

Handwritten Equation Solver

Mempool Transaction Maximization

Summer of Bitcoin 2021

Decision Tree Classification Model

Species Classification Prediction 

Website Development

DebSoc Blog Website [2021]

Data Analytics' Insights

Relevel Sales Department Analysis

Website Development

Flare Website [2021]

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Google Developer
Student Clubs

- Speaker -

Git & GitHub Workshop
Introduction to Deep Learning


- Speaker -

Cloud Computing
Python Workshop


- Speaker -

Open Source Workshop
Developer's Legacy Tools


- Speaker -

AI-ML Workshop
ML Algorithms


- Speaker -

HR Summit
LinkedIn Workshop

Google Developer
Student Clubs

- Host -

Fundamentals of Management
Enterprise Computing

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